Welcome to Rock House Center for the Arts. We are both a visual and preforming arts school, gallery and music venue. Besides hosting Americana and Roots music concerts at our home, The Rock House 41 High Street, we also accommodate three art studios, classroom space and sales gallery at 22171 Main Street, Reeds Spring MO 65737. We are a 501(c)(3) under Folk Alliance International.

Mission Statement
The mission of the Rock House Center for the Arts is to enrich and educate the community through the presentation and support of live music and the visual arts. 

Present the finest in visual and performance art and maintain a comfortable, attractive and well-equipped gathering place for audiences and performers to enjoy during events at the Rock House.

Broaden the base of support by sponsoring events such as music festivals and art shows meant to draw out, and sustain a diverse and vibrant community that celebrates the arts.

Maintain a workshop and gallery that attracts accomplished, relevant and professional artisans who can: provide unique educational opportunities that spark the imagination, oversee the entirety of the creative process, and cultivate the artistic skills of young people, adults and senior citizens of the community.

Build a legacy that: remains culturally relevant, strengthens community partnerships, and sponsors educational and performance opportunities that ensure the financial sustainability of the Rock House Center for the Arts for years to come.


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Rock House Concert featuring Barak Hill's "Mid-American" album release

The Rock House, 41 High Street, Reeds Spring

Award winning singer-songwriter Barak Hill has finished his fifth full-length album. A collection of ten original songs that Barak considers to be among the best he's ever written are brought to life with the help of a talented group of studio musicians. Dave Anderson (guitar), Molly Healey (violin and cello), Kristi Meredith (vocals), and Donnie Kraft (upright bass) add texture and color to Barak's solid guitar and soulful vocals. Arrangements are sparse and instrumentation is used sparingly to leave the songs plenty of room to breath. The album is warm and intimate. In the end, the focus is always on the lyrics. Plain-spoken and to-the-point, Barak writes with an honest ear and a thoughtful tone. His brand of Americana is one of heartache, but always with a fistful of hope that things might work out yet.

Mid-Americana would not sound out of place played next to albums by Gillian Welch, Ordinary Elephant, Amos Lee, or Josh Ritter.

“Where Hill excels, and so few of his contemporaries do, is in making silence and pause into storytelling devices unto themselves...Hill’s lyrical approach is economical and plain-spoken, the words of everyman. But they’re delivered with the careful pacing and assuredness of a man who knows the impact he wants and how to get it. It’s this sense of when not to sing or even play that lends the songs a gravitas they could lose in the hands of someone else.” — Chris DeRosier, TAG Magazine

Join us for an intimate night of music. Doors open at 6:30 for a potluck dinner, b.y.o.b. social time.

Music begins at 8:00 for the listening room concert. First come, first serve on seating. Tickets are $15 and can be purchased online at https://rockhousecenterforthearts.org/calendar-tickets or at the door.

Please park across the street in the parking lot or anywhere downtown. Our backyard parking is reserved for the band and handicap parking.

Call (417)272-8386 for more info.

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